Does Lipton Green Tea Have Caffeine?

As more and more people around the world are adopting Green Tea in their routine, one of the most common concerns they have is with its caffeine content. Although the general misconception is that green tea is naturally caffeine free, it does contain caffeine.

The amount of caffeine in a green tea varies from type to type. A pure cup of green tea could contain around 18-20 milligrams of caffeine per 100ml of serving. This would amount to 1/2 of what equal quantity of coffee would contain and slightly lower than that of black tea.

The caffeine content is also dependent on many variables such as the type of tea, the proportion of water to tea, presence/absence of other ingredients, serving size, brewing time, etc. It is difficult to predict the exact amount of caffeine in a given tea and you can’t accurately test it without lab equipment.

Apart from being a rich source of flavonoids, the caffeine in green tea acts as a stimulant that can temporarily elevate our moods, which is why people feel better after a cup of green tea. If you’re looking for a stimulant while keeping your caffeine intake low, green tea is definitely a better option than coffee.