Reasons to Make Green Tea Your Best Buddy

Green tea is gaining popularity, largely because of its many health benefits. Water is essential for human life and the loss of even 1-2% fluids could have an adverse effect on physical and mental performance if not replaced. Unsweetened Tea, without milk is hydrating and is ranked as the second-most ideal fluid choice for hydration after water. Being a zero calorie drink when prepared without milk and sugar, it can be consumed regularly as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.


#1 Zero calorie

It’s a zero calorie beverage when taken without any sugar / honey / jaggery.  Weight-watchers can therefore include it in their daily diets without worrying about added calories.  Also, studies done in Asian population have shown that catechins in tea may aid fat burn. 


#2 Hydration benefit

Green tea being a fluid, hydrates the body.  It can be counted as one of the healthier fluids that can be consumed regularly.  If it’s taken hot, it gives warmth and comfort especially in the winter months.


#3 Body fat regulation

Excess belly or abdominal fat is associated with increased metabolic disease risk. Studies have demonstrated that consumption of catechins in green tea have beneficial effects on reducing body fat by helping burn fat when combined with physical activity.  In addition, it is observed that the reduction of fat is in particular abdominal fat. It can be noted here that green tea one of the richest source of catechins (Flavonoids) per serve.


#4 Healthy skin

Tea contributes to daily hydration. A good hydration status maintains skin hydration. A good hydration status maintains healthy looking and hydrated skin.



#5 Increased Alertness

Attention is a prerequisite for everyday functioning. With the level of stress in everyday life, alertness only moves downhill with the progression of the day. A combination of Caffeine and theanine in tea are linked to alertness and attention. Drinking tea can prevent the natural drop in alertness during the day and help in the ability to focus.


As days get busier and life gets hectic, health takes the toll. Get some "me time" to de-stress - go for a long walk, read a poem, listen to your favourite song. An hour’s worth of Physical Activity is just 4 % of one’s day. Green tea definitely forms a great accompaniment as one step into a healthy lifestyle.