That’s How You Prepare a Perfect Cup of Green Tea

Green Tea, with its gold-standard reputation and laundry list of health benefits, deserves a top-spot in your kitchen and daily diet. So if you are a regular sipper or planning to become, you should know how to brew a perfect cup to get you the best nutritional value.


Step 1: Green tea lovers like it hot, but not too hot. So, heat the water till a point that’s just shy of boiling. Hot water increases green tea’s antioxidant potential by as much as 10 folds.


For tea bags:

Step 2: Pour the water in a cup. Dip the tea bag and let it steep for 2 - 3 minutes. If you like a stronger flavour, you can let it steep for a little longer.


For loose tea leaves:

Step 2: Add the leaves in the container containing the water. Let it steep for 2 - 3 minutes and then pour the tea in cups through a strainer / sieve.

Step 3: Add a teaspoon of lemon juice. Lemon is not to just for additional flavour. It helps retain as much as 80 percent of catechins - the component responsible for helping better metabolism and weight loss.


Step 4: In the end, add a touch of honey. Termed as “liquid gold”, honey will add a host of its medicinal properties, like prevent cancer and heart disease, reducing cough and throat irritation, reducing gastrointestinal disorders, et al. , to your cuppa.

Your perfect cup of green tea is ready!